Dr Sketchys Dublin Galway Ireland FAQ

What happens at Dr. Sketchy's Anti Art School?

Dr. Sketchy’s Anti Art School is primarily a life drawing class, but with some added extras!
Art Monkeys (that’s you!) come to sketch our stunning models over 2 hours (Midweek sessions) or 3 hours (Saturday sessions).
Our models are performers who have created stunning costumes and sometimes performances to tie in to our set themes at each session.  Usually, the model or models will start out fully clothed and as the session progresses, they will discard layers until they’re finally wearing very little for the final pose.
The sessions begin with short warm up poses of 1 and 2 minutes and finish with longer 20 minute poses.  During breaks in the sessions, our models will wander through the audience, chatting with you and selecting their favourite sketches to win prizes of shots of alcohol or cupcakes/ donuts treats!  The headmistress will set challenges that you may or may not wish to participate in – incorporating imagined creatures into your sketch? – caption competition?
At our Saturday sessions, you will usually be treated to at least one cabaret performance between the break times – burlesque, drag, bellydance – and we make sure to allocate ample time for you to pop down to the bar and top up your drinks.
There will be music playing throughout the session, usually selected to tie in with the theme too!

Dr Sketchys Dublin Ireland Azaria Starfire Unicorn

How is Dr. Sketchy's Anti Art School different to other Life Drawing Classes?


Most traditional life drawing classes feature nude models and are focused on refining technique and treating the human body as an object.  A lot of the time (not always!) life drawing classes are held in quiet studios.  Sometimes, artists can even forget that the life drawing model is more than a collection of muscles and bone.
At a Dr. Sketchy’s session, we’ll never let you forget that our models are much more than a bowl of fruit!  Our models and performers are celebrated, applauded, wolf-whistled and cheered, in the best possible taste!
Our focus is on enjoying the process of sketching, socialising and having a drink or two if you like.  Think of it as a jamming session for art.  It’s possible to leave with a masterpiece, but it’s not the objective!  Once you enjoy the process, that’s all that matters.
Our sessions are not tutored.  You won’t get feedback on your artwork, unless you’re awarded a prize during one of our silly challenges!

What should I bring to a Session?


We don’t provide art materials at all, so please don’t forget to bring some with you.  We suggest that you don’t bring a sketch pad larger than you could comfortably fit on your lap.  Seating is usually either on couches or cabaret style at small tables.  There is no room for easels.
Please don’t bring wet media.
If you’ve never, ever been to a life drawing session and you don’t want to splash out on swanky art materials just yet, grab a clipboard and some printer paper – raid the office supplies in work!  No judgement here!

I don't draw, can I come to your event?


You don’t have to be a master painter, or even to have picked up a pencil ever before, but you should be willing to try!  Once you’re willing to give it a go, you should enjoy our sessions.  Who knows, you may progress from stick figures quite quickly!

Can I model for you?


Short answer: Maybe.
Read over this blog post about the booking process for our models and performers.  If you still have questions, you can always contact Scarlett directly for more information.
The models and themes for our Dublin sessions are currently almost entirely booked for 2015.  We are still looking for local models and performers for our sessions in Galway.

I'm not based in Dublin or Galway and I can't travel to your sessions, will you come to me?


We’ll try!  We really enjoy bringing Dr. Sketchy’s Anti Art School on tour and if you think that there is an audience for us in your local area, then feel free to get in touch and we can discuss it!
We’ve hosted sessions anywhere from vast ballrooms to marquees in the middle of the street to art galleries.

Can I book you for my party/ conference/ team building/ festival?


Yes!  We love working on special events!  Contact us to discuss creating a themed session specific to your needs.  Events are quoted on an individual basis.
We have provided events for festivals, conventions, hen parties and more.
You decide the theme, let us know the location, what sort of models you want, the general vibe, and we take care of the rest.
Each Dr. Sketchy’s party is hours of drawing, drinking, and artistic shenanigans.
We can…
  1. Bring Dr. Sketchy’s Anti Art School to your venue.
  2. Provide models (you decide if you want guys or girls, sexy burly-q girl, fetish goddess or rockstar derby babe).
  3. Provide emcees and DJ to keep everything snappy. If you like, they can even give basic drawing instruction.
  4. Bring swanky prizes for people to win.
  5. Supply a photographer to immortalise it all (or provide blackmail material)
  6. Bring paper, pencils, and other art supplies.