Labyrinth – Galway – April 2015

So good, we did it twice!  Back in February, we hosted a “Labyrinth” themed session in Dublin.  Between the awesome costumes, performance and indulging in playing a three-hour long David Bowie inspired DJ set, we couldn’t resist doing it all over again as soon as possible!

In April, we brought the cult film, Dr Sketchy’s style, to Monroe’s Live in Galway.  Sade O’Sapphic‘s alter ego Slick O squeezed into tight pants and Vixyn Von Trix was glorious as Sarah.

Shir Madness was on hand as our Glamorous Assistant, doling out chocolate tequila shots and Dungeons and Donuts prizes, while Kerri Katastrophe joined us to help out and immortalise the session in photos!

May 4, 2015