Neil Gaiman’s The Sandman – Dublin – Oct 2015

In October 2014, we hosted a tribute to Neil Gaiman‘s popular graphic novel series “The Sandman”.  Azaria Starfire was unrecognisable, transformed into Dream of the Endless – Morpheus.  Azaria performed complete with Dream’s battle helm with glowing eyes!  Alongside Azaria, we introduced a new member of the Dr Sketchy’s family – make-up artist and cosplayer Pompberry, as another of the Endless, Delerium!

Dolly Dagger of POW! Cake That took over the hosting duties for the evening, keeping time and setting competitions for our sketchers, as well as, of course, providing themed cupcakes for our competition prizes!

Also joining us for the session were the crew of TG4’s arts and culture show “Imeall“.  The crew filmed a lot of the session  and also interviewed some of our regular sketchers.  The episode was aired in November.

Photography, as always, by Kerri Katastrophe, who was kept on her toes manoeuvring around the cameras and trying to keep out of shot! Ninja photographer!

November 24, 2014